Pooch Pour


Black Dog Metal Arts is postponing the Pooch Pour! With the current travel and gathering restrictions, we do not feel comfortable holding the pour on April 18th as originally intended. Pours often have iron artists from all over the world to assist in working the furnace. To protect the health and safety of the iron community we care about, and those who may attend the pour, we decided to postpone until we have a better picture of when this pour can be rescheduled. Please keep an eye on our page for updates and continue to purchase plaques!


Come out to our first ever Pooch Pour with Foster Pet Outreach at the Romain Arts and Culture Center at 919 NE Jefferson on Saturday, April 18, 2020! This iron pour is free and open to the public. All are welcome to enjoy!

We will begin casting metal about 12:00 p.m. and dogs that are available for adoption will be present at this event.

We will be pouring customized plaques and other cast iron sculptures. These plaques will be iron castings of a pet’s paws with a frame and their name. Any pet paws are castable! An example of a plaque can be found below. These plaques will cost $75 each.

We will also be selling scratch blocks and bowls at the event again! What is a scratch block/bowl? It is a small square of resin bonded sand. You can carve your own custom artwork into the block and we will pour iron into it right in front of you! Take home your own custom artwork tile or bowl that day!

A portion of our profits from the Pooch Pour will be donated to Foster Pet Outreach this year.

Purchase a Paw Plaque

Paw Plaque sample