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November 26 2022 Iron Pour

Black Dog Metal Arts is organizing our third public iron pour to take place on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at our studio at The Mill located at 1101 SW Washington St. in the Warehouse District in Peoria, IL. Participation in this iron pour is open to any artist who wants to be involved regardless of experience level. We are bringing in iron casters from across the United States to help with this pour in order to give an opportunity to artists in Central Illinois who have never cast metal before. We will hold mold making workshops and bronze/aluminum casting classes for the artists involved to create molds for the day of the big pour. For more information on the iron workshop, check out our “Take A Class” page.

We are collaborating with Our House Entertainment for this event, which is a female-owned business focused on uplifting diverse artists from all backgrounds, whether it’s race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, educational background, etc., and featuring them through live music and visual arts shows either at its own location known as The Mill, or at Peoria Pizza Works. Our House Entertainment will be hosting a show featuring two local bands and booking several local visual artists to display and sell their artwork at the event.

Register as an iron artist to participate in the iron pour event at the link below. Housing can be provided for anyone traveling to Peoria. We also have safety gear as needed. Any further questions can be forwarded to Jam at

  • Open Studio: Thursday & Friday, November 17 & 18 Set up: Friday, November 25 Family Dinner: Friday, November 25 After Set Up Iron Pour: Saturday, November 26 Clean Up: Sunday, November 27
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